We learn to lead ourselves!

Our success is determined by how well we lead and influence. In these post economic-meltdown times, followers won’t trust leaders as they used to any more. They now rightly question everything and even themselves before committing.

Your primary source of power as a leader comes not from position, or rank or technique, but from the qualities that enable you to connect, inspire and engage.

Creating and maintaining trust with followers has never been more important to success.

Our leadership styles depend on our values and beliefs and on our past, including our cognitive, emotional and physical experiences.

The major focus of all leadership and management training is cognitive and intellectual with little or no time spent on emotional or physical dimensions. Unwittingly, our physical behaviours can undermine our intentions. Self awareness is the cornerstone of growth and increasing self confidence.

"Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult."
Warren Bennis

The Embodied Leadership Workshop is for smart leaders who want to be more present, skilful and compassionate as leaders.

The workshop is about allowing your authentic, value-driven self, surface and then connecting, inspiring and engaging your followers.

The Embodied Leadership Workshop develops leaders by allowing them work with their whole range of experiences so that they can see how these influence their current leadership behaviours, and, more importantly, how they connect, inspire and engage their followers.

The workshop allows you to fully explore these ideas and is very practical and hands-on. On-going follow-up support coaching is provided to participants. The workshop is designed to allow you to create greater presence and trust when leading.

The Embodied Leadership Workshop covers:

  1. Introductions, overview, learning goals and training objectives
  2. Understanding embodied leadership and how our actions impact on others and how we are perceived
  3. Understanding your leadership experiences and the leadership habits you rely on, especially those you fall back on in times of stress or conflict
  4. Releasing tension and building more effective physical supports for yourself
  5. Un-learning automatic responses and creating more effective leadership habits
  6. Developing a richly, resonant voice
  7. Creating a strong personal presence when leading and communicating
  8. Action Planning and follow-up

The Workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 participants so as to ensure ample opportunities for learning and experimentation in the somatic work. This is a two day workshop run on consecutive days.

We can also arrange to run the workshop in-house in your organisation.

Contact us now to book yourself into our next workshop.

Our next workshop is on 23rd & 24th June 2009



Start: 0900 Finish: 1700 each day


Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick


€575 - Inclusive of all tuition, follow-up support, materials, lunches and refreshments

Contact us to book your place.

The workshop is designed and lead by Niall Kelly, MSc. MIITD, ISATT who has over twenty years experience in training and development and is a certified Alexander Technique teacher.

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