Voice and Public Speaking

As someone whose job requires you to speak in public you know that any repetitive or ongoing strain on your voice can be very worrying, debilitating and even detrimental to your future.

As a teacher, trainer, lecturer or call centre worker you rely on your voice for your livelihood. Hours of public speaking on a daily basis can take its toll, not just on your voice, but on your body also.

Hoarseness, laryngitis, shortness of breath, light-headedness and even loss of voice are not unusual in these jobs. They are common symptoms of poor postural and poor breathing habits. 

Poor posture and poor breathing cause excessive muscle tensions in your neck, back and chest. When chronic, they can result in pain. They can also result in too much tension in the throat area causing irritation of the vocal cords. In the long term this can lead to damage and the need for medical or surgical treatment. 

You can avoid these problems with the Alexander Technique. 

Learn how to:

Create a strong, resonant voice that can be heard
Manage yourself in public speaking situations
Develop support for yourself in standing
Be aware of and release muscle tensions as they arise
Regulate your breathing so you are not always in shallow breathing

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Brid Gorman, Teacher and Traditional Musician 

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