Teams don't just happen. You have to work at creating a really effective high performing team. To get one takes commitment, careful development of communications within the team and performance management of the team.

Teams need robust processes that they have tried and tested for themselves to ensure they function successfully. These processes are best developed through work-based projects and experience, not games.

Our approach to teams, developed over many years experience in a wide range of successful organisations, works because it focuses on both the projects and team processes. In fact we only work with teams engaged on real-life projects.

That way team members can see in real time how what they do contributes to the effective workings of the team. With our expert facilitation, team members can determine the best processes, behaviours and courses of action needed to ensure their projects and team succeed. The case and matching safety clasp are crafted from breitling replica sale patented Everose gold, an alloy made from gold, copper and platinum. In contrast to the shining replica rolex sale gold, the rest of the Yacht-Master wears basic black from the matte black dial to the Oysterflex bracelet. Standing out from the black dial are a tag heuer replica sale ceramic insert with polished black numerals, luminous Chromalight-treated hands and hour markers. That black replica watches sale may look like a standard rubber strap but it comes equipped with what Rolex calls a longitudinal cushion system that combines the stability of a replica watches uk with the comfort of a strap.

“The work we did with Lane Kelly Associates ensured a quick and easy merging of our technical and IT departments and the successful re-organising of our Call Centre in Limerick”.

Mary O’Donovan, Director, O2 Ireland

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