It is well recognised that excess pressure at work can lead to tension and stress. Too much pressure clearly causes tension and chronic tension triggers numerous stress reactions. 

Tension is a natural physical reaction to excessive pressure. Stress avoidance techniques and programmes rarely deal with stress as a physical or “somatic” problem.

With the exception of prescribing and encouraging you to take more exercise as a means of de-stressing, the element of physical tension is generally ignored. Instead these programmes focus solely on cognitive aspects of your performance.

Yet, when you learn how to release physical tension and how to avoid becoming tense, you function better in both your body and your mind and avoid the numerous stress reactions of chronic tension.

Our Executive Stress Management training is designed to ensure you have the right skills and strategies to do your job while positively managing any work-based stress resulting from excess pressure. Working one-to-one, we ensure you have the right mix of management and inter-personal skills for the roles and position you have to fulfill.  Each year this autumn season, but also exhibit a new round of high jewellery omega replica sale, when a piece of beauty, who works earlier than one hundred years ago, they successfully captured the hearts and minds of royalty, and today the brand new replica watches is still attractive, is the crystallization of modern aesthetics with traditional crafts. Can be classified as high rado replica sale fine jewelry line, the selection of the hublot replica sale must be rare and precious stones, combined with imaginative creations, exquisite blend of meticulous craftsmanship make omega replica uk world arrogance prevail.

Learn how to:

Evaluate the sources and causes of your tension
Recognise your reactions to these tensions
Eliminate physical tension
Avoid the stress reaction resulting from chronic tension
Use yourself efficiently in carrying out your job

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