Performers are people who constantly have to meet demands not normally made of others. Long hours  of practice and rehearsal of complex passages of music, words, actions and song are the norm. You have to get into a piece or role in a way that convinces and then let it all go and move on to the next role or piece.

Besides managing the tensions of the piece and your performance you must manage your own tensions. At best, between them they can literally pull you out of shape. At worst, they can accumulate and cause impediments to successful performance, if not actual injury.

Many performers use the Alexander Technique because it initially became well known within acting circles as a way of improving their voice and breathing and for eliminating tension and stress caused by performance.

The Alexander Technique has been especially valued by performers for many years because of its effectiveness in giving them the means of managing their tensions. Using the technique you learn how to identify tensions and how to release them as required.

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