Executive Coaching

Rapid and repeated changes at work are a very necessary and common part of organisations today. But rapid and frequent change can often leave executives un-skilled in the new situation. Simply because it is new.

Change programmes often move at such a pace, or several programmes are introduced in rolling waves, that there is little or no time to keep your skills up to date. Change programmes don’t always provide for sufficient skills support or skills development.

Our Executive Coaching programme is designed to ensure you have the right skills and strategies to do your job successfully in a rapidly changing environment. Working one-to-one, we help ensure you have the right mix of management and inter-personal skills for the many roles, and projects you have to deliver.

Our approach is practical and work-based. We look at how you and your manager see your performance. Then we analyse your job, workload, priorities, competencies and skills and determine exactly what needs to be done by way of coaching. This review also provides a baseline from which to measure progress.

Regular coaching sessions are then scheduled. Taking a work- or project-based approach, each session is tailored to ensure success in what is going on at the time. Review meetings with you and your boss are also scheduled to ensure satisfaction with the process.

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